Monday, April 2, 2012

ah, I work-out

Alright, it's Monday, beginning of the week... I know. Everyone dislikes Mondays, but today. This Monday... is gonna be a good day for me. Well and for the hubs as well. We started a new diet.. EEEK!!!
Alright, now that is out of my system.. I hate diets, I'll be honest, it's a lot more work to be skinny.. lol, or those who work at it, and keep the weight off.. you're me hero, you make it look so easy! I know, you are probably scolding me as you sit there and read this, so I will shut up, and just say kudo's you earned it..

To the res to of us, who genetics have not been so kind to us.. I have constantly battled being over weight my entire life.. as long as I can remember. Even in sixth grade I was, or well I thought I was fat and gross-thank you pubirty...

I look back now, and see the photos from when I was 12 and think, wow.. You looked great... I wish someone would have told me how beautiful I looked then.

Now, I am 24 and have lots to love.. everywhere on me.. But, I decided it was time to really change that.. I have this theory. If I can't be fat, and pregnant.. I might as well be skinny/healthy and infertile. I earned that much. Plus, it would be nice to be able to walk into any freakin' store and see something cute, and know that I will fit in it.

So, this is how this is gonna work.. My inlaws recently did/are still currently doing. This awesome diet. The best part is, no guessing. Grocery shopping list, for the whole week we will eat the same thing every day.. and now for some people they might think 'I couldn't eat the same thing every day'. Well, that's the genius of the system... because you eat the same thing every day, you get to make all the bulk things Sunday- Rice, chicken etc... dish it out.. put it in the fridge. Ready for the whole week.. GENIUS!

So for the next 12 weeks, I am gonna eat, and work it like no other.. I am gonna lose 30 lbs by the end of June!! Gulp.. I can do this...right?

I started my morning out with this tastey banana shake.. with oats. Yummy! I aslo have an egg burrito with salsa.. :)

So far.. so good. I figure if I can get through the first week, I can do this! Wish me luck.. Maybe at the end of 12 weeks I will post my before and after photos!! Which lets pray there is a difference in 12 weeks 'cause the before photos are just gross...

 Okay wish me luck.. Happy Monday everyone!

Oh and if you're wondering, the diet plan is called ' Live the Life' You can check them out HERE.