Hey There Bloggers! I bet you are wondering all about me, and how I got this here blog up and runnin'. Well... Rewind. About a year ago, my husband I decided that we wanted to start a family, and after meeting with the doctor, on several different occasions. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was prescribed Metformin, in hopes that controlling my insulin levels, that the cyst so nicely throw out of wack... It would regulate my cycles, enough for us to conceive. Well several months passed, and we again, meeting with a new doctor, and been written a prescription for Clomid. After my dear husband provided a sample, and all his boys were strong, and accounted for. I was obviously the big contributor to our infertility issues.

Well, two cycles of Clomid later, we opted for a procedure, that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy!You can learn about that Here. Seriously, the worst pain ever! I cried the entire time, and my poor husband could only stand and watch... the unfortunate part was, the performed the procedure twice!

Well, after the procedure, I was diagnose with an unicornuate uterus. Yeah, not exactly what we were looking for, it was an answer, but it was heart breaking news.

So here we are, just a few years into our marriage, and facing the fact that we may never have our own biological children. This blog is dedicated to not only my infertility, but those women in my life who are also living with, and learning to grow from being infertile.