Friday, May 27, 2011

read em' and weep!


That's right ladies and gents, I only have 15, yes 15 days left til the BIG surprise!!! So tomorrow when I wake up, I am gonna jumpe outta bed, and yell "two weeks, eat it!"

Okay, maybe not espeically cause sometimes my back spamsim in the morning(oh to be young again..) So, I may just sit up and "woot!" I hope yo uare as excited as I am, and no worries, after my surprise, I am going to over load you with all of my blog post!!! You will be annoyed, and wish I would stop. lol, That might make up for my absence... I hope.

Well here is to 15 days, and to hoping for good news, and awesome beginnigs!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

20 DAYS!!!!!

Okay, I know I have been MIA very badly for a while now... we are still sitting on our little secret, it is getting closer, and I cannot believe it! The main reason for my absence.. Well, my poor little laptop stopped charging, and I just can't motivate myself to sit down at my desk top, and type. Which I know that there are many of you who still do not know what my huge surprise is, and hopefully you are still sitting on the edge of your chair dying to know!

I got so excited for our surprise, I made a count down chain for it! It now barely touches the floor!

See, look, number 20... I am taking it off tonight! So now we are in the teens. That means less than 3 weeks, wow. I am dancing in my seat right now!

I will try to take a pic or make a post for the next 19 days... hopefully, unless our surprise changes dates, it might be sooner. Either way, I cannot wait to share the good news with you, and I promise, it will be totally worth it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby K

This is what I did over the weekend, I wanted to give ya a sneak peek. My friend Bri, had her beyond cute little girl almost two weeks ago, and I got the honor of taking some photos of her.

Now, I am super excited about this photo cause it was the one and only pic we got of naked K, before she lovingly soiled my white. handmand. hammock. Which we wrapped around her like a cacoon. Oh But I still love her, and she was adorable.

Bri, you sure do know how to make them!