Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My biggest fear...


That's right.. I hate them.. I mean if you have been reading my blog thus far, you should know from the numerous blood draws and what not... I loath it... I swear, my veins roll even just thinking about it. I have a set of the worst veins ever to boot. Due to several poo iv's put in whie I was a baby, that distroyed my arms veins... they are so small. When I went to donate plasma... the guy laughed at me-true story.

I have a point to this I promise.. Today, I faced me fear.. or well, more so called upon my big girls panties once again.

I went and did my first round of acupuncture for my infertility...

I'll me honest, I was so nervous, I am pretty sure my feet were sweating. I know, gross. But, I was super nervous, cut a girl some slack.. Upon arriving the acupuncturist-Will call him Dan, cause that's his name. He had me fill out a form, I had to say if I was experiencing any pain.. Beside my caffine headache, I can't really conci... wait what was I saying..
Oh, and then he took me back into a room, asked me to remove my flip flops, and roll up my pants.. Just FYI, I did warn him, in advance that my legs were pasty, dry, and probably lacking from being shaven in like 3 days.. I laid down, and then he started swabbing my forehead my hands and parts of my legs, and my feet with a cotton ball.. I figured it was part of the ritual of acupuncture, I didn't wanna questions since it was my first time. I shortly realized it had rubbing alcohol on it, and it was for the needles.. I am not firing on all cylinders today folks!

First off, if someone ever tells you it's painless. They are liars! The first needle he stuck in my fore head, that was painful.. The good news is the following needles didn't hurt, and infact I thought he was just poking my legs, and as quickly as he was done, he told me to relax, sleep, whatever I wanted and he would be back shortly. Oh side note- having ADD, and being told to relax/meditate.. not happening. After almost forty mins, he came in checked on me.. this was the cool part-he flicked the needles in my legs. It was the coolest sensation ever!! In fact after he told me a few more minutes and left the room, I sat up and did it a couple of times myself.

All in all it was a good experience. I am anxious to see how the next few weeks pan out, and I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone!!

Alright, now for the pictures. ignore the white flesh, you may wanna put on sun glasses.. Thank goodness for poor quality photos with cell phones so you can't see the hair on my legs.. :)

I promise there is one on my forehead.. the few people I sent this pic to didn't notice it at first... Ignore the strange look, I was trying not to make a lot of facial movements..

and just for kicks and giggles because this is all I could think about during the whole thing!!


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