Tuesday, December 13, 2011

when faith is enough..

I was trying to think of what to name this post.. But, you can really name something that means so much. Many of you are aware of the current situation we are in. Especially in regards to our adoption, the emotional toll, and the finanacial one as well... I never imagined at the beginning of this year.. We would be here.

Many of us in the family have really been struggling with the whole commitment of faith, considering that there are so many things that are taking place at once, and the roller coaster we seem to be on everyday. It's hard, when someone ask what we think will happen, or our odds. Now, all I can do is look at them and say. 'it's in the Lords hands.'

There are moments in life, where lets face it. Life happens. In those moments where you think you have it all figured out, and someone decides to through a wrench in the works.

This past month has been the most spiritually rewarding time in our lives. I have never felt so blessed, and so surrounded by love... It really has been moments where we have been looking over the edge... ready to jump... This quote fits us perfectly.

This really has been our moments. I have felt isolated, hurt and betrayed.. Shortly followed by humility, gratitude, and love... I can honestly say the Lord has a plan, he knows what we need... We just need to listen..

I am writting this post because I know there are a lot of people who read and have followed with a watchfull eye of the happenings in our life. Your prayers have been felt, as well as your faith. I have countless family members who bring me strength. I want them to know... Although you may feel like your faith isn't enough... Showing me that your faith is still intact.. gives me strength to push forward.. You set an example for my family, and I love you all so much.

I've spent so many moments in quite prayer, in moments where I felt I had nothing left... all I really needed was my faith.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'd like to thank the acedemy..

First off, I wanna thank my mom, for being so supportive, and my husband for still loving me.. even after he found out I was crazy.. I have been featured on a blog. Yup. ME!! My blog, this thing you're reading right this very minute. It was featured on another blog!! I didn't even have to bribe any body! So, If you would like to go check out my featurette, you can check it out HERE.

Try to contain your excitement. I am pretty stinkin' proud of myself. If you could also take a moment and look to the left of the screen, I got a little decal to display announcing my feature! Also, I was given an award. For talking about Talk about giving me a big head. Alright back to reality!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What on earth was I thinking?!

So, this year for Christmas I was thinking it would be fun to make things.. You know like stockings.. and ornaments for my tree. I even thought to myself, oh I could bust this stuff out no problem! It would most certainly only take one or two days... Little did I know that the items I choose to make would take so long... Ugh. Let me show you...

First my stockings.. I found the tutorial HERE! Super easy, and they turned out pretty dang cute! Just don't look too closely or you will see all the

So they took probably like two hours total to make all three.. I am proud of and enjoy admiring them from a far...

Now the other thing I decided to make was some ornaments. I made like 4 different kinds of ornaments for our tree.. One of which was very time consuming...

You see that little ball of string? Yeah. I have made like twenty of those little guys, and it has taken days to get that much... The most time consuming part is the waiting for them to dry.. I found the idea on PINTEREST.. Oh speaking of which. If you don't know what Pinterest is, go google it. Seriously so addicting. I love it.

But, for what I was able to do, I will admit. My tree looks pretty awesome and I cannot wait to show you the whole tree. Or if you'd like you are welcome to come check it out yourself, and be jealous! Okay, I am exhausted, and I have a whole day of things to get done today... Ugh. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You gotta get one of these!

Okay, so recently my best friend B was over visiting, like always.. and We were getting ready to go out and take some family photos, and I told her she could use the greatest invention ever.. and I just happened to own one of them.

Yup, this little pupppy right here, has only one tempeture settting, and that is all you stinkin' need with this. I love my Chi. I can't use it enough. When I get out of the shower.. and actually take the time to blow dry my hair, nothing is better than using this amazing straightener. Usually these things retail for $100+ and I know what you're thinking.."Who in their right mind would spend that much?!" Well I certainly wouldn't... I stole it! NO, I didn't steal it. I used one of my other favorite things in this whole wide earth... I used KSL... and I purchased it for a steal at $50. One of the best purchases in my life. I have made so many converts to the way of the Chi... I just felt inclined to share that with the blogging world.

So, as I started this post, it was a homage to my Chi... Than I thought.. But I have a ton of things I own, that I LOVE! So, in no particular order...
My glue gun.. Seriously! When people talk about needing ducktape... I reach for my glue gun. Probably the best 2 dollars ever.. You can't go wrong with these. I use it for all of my crafts, and I never seem to run out of things this little beauty can be used on...
My hot curlers.. These things probably went out of style back in the 80's but surprisingly they are still making them. This is the only thing I wanted for Christmas last year, and hot-dog I got it! One of my favorite gifts. If you have never used one of these, You need to come over and try it out. It takes like 15 minutes.. Well for me it takes 15 mins. To put in your hair.. I have a lot of hair. Than you wait 20 mins or longer if you so desire. Take them out, and amazingly beautiful hair. So much easier than curling every section.
My coveted Canoon 30EOS... I love this thing. I got this as a gift from my padre. I use this thing all the time... Can't you tell I used my little point and shoot to take a picture of it? I love everything about this camera. My attachments, my flash.. EVERYTHING!!!!!! I am not saying go out and spend tons of moola on a fancy camera.. But, make sure you do research on what you are purchasing, even if it is a little point and shoot. You can always get the most bang for your buck.
My CamelBak water bottle. I cannot get over how much I love this. One of the best water bottles I have ever owned. I have converted a few people to this little toy a few times. Even I am a convert. I will take this thing every where, and the best part. No spill. BPE free, and one of my favorite buys.
My sewing machine... It's probably one of the cheapest sewing machines ever made, has very little fancy buttons, or stitches it can do... But, what it does for me is enough... I make a little bit of everything with it.. So far nothing has really fallen apart... If you are reading this, and I made you something.. and it fell apart.. I don't wanna know... Okay, I do, cause now I feel bad, and I can fix it for you... But, for me. It's perfect!
And last, but not least... My Ipod... I purchased this little guy on KSL almost 3 years ago. I bought it for $90. A steal. The poor kid selling it, had to pay off his cell phone bill.. His loss, my gain. I purchased it, so I could make mine and Jon's wedding playlist, and used it for our reception. It's interesting because, I can remember parts of our reception, and what song I could hear in the background... Like, I remember Etta James, At Last, was playing while we cut our wedding cake... Cute right?! I use this thing ALL THE TIME!!! When I do my hair or make-up, crafting, cleaning... Just all the time. Oh also, side not. My skull ear plugs you see in the picture. Buy some. They are like $20 a pair. But so worth it. My ears are far to small for Ipod's ear plugs, these things fit perfectly, and don't hurt my ears one bit...

I hope you enjoyed my list of loves, and likes, and franky things I just cannot live without. I hope it inspired you to add a few things to your Christmas list.. or at least go out and try a few of the items... Or you are always more than welcome to come to my house and try one of them... except my water bottle... Love ya to peices but don't want your germs... Alright well, I am off to clean, and dance the morning away with some good music!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm back....

Kind of a long post...

So, after my many months of unintended absence... I have decided to finally start blogging again.. Espeically since I constantly get nagged by people to keep talking about myself... Lets face it... you gotta be a little narsacistic to be able to sit down and talk about your own life so much. Although due to my hyatis I feel that I don't qualify currently. A few ground rules... I will not be talking about my little girl for a while, due to some legal issues, and some confidentially that needs to take place, no speaky, nor will there be any photos.. I know sad. But, I can however talk about this little man.

This is Keagan, and after some rearranging, and some mishabs.. We have brought this little guy into our home, and have been taking care of him for a while now.. We don't know how long he will be with us, but we will love the heck out of him while he is here. So, currently we have two babies under the age of six months in our home.

Oh brief update. We got little Iz-bee back into our home shortly after she was removed. That is pretty much all I can say about it right now. But seriously people.. Miracles happen.

So much has happened, and I cannot even begin to tell you how truly blessed I am for these things. We have recieved an out pour of love and support from our friends and neighbors and even people we don't even know. Which, can I just tell you, brings me to tears the stories I hear from those praying on our behalf... Like for instance, the day we had Iz-bee removed from our home, Jon's cousin is working at the MTC with LDS missionaries... when he found out, he walked back into the room of missionaries and had all of these young men, get down on their knees, and as a group they prayed for our family.. I seriously was bawling as I was being told this story... I have never had such a moment in my life where my testimony has been increased and strengthened.

Okay, regaining composure... sniffle. So, now with the end of the years approaching, I am starting to ask myself did I manage to keep with my new years resolution? I started my year off with gratitude.. If you have been following me since this time last year. You will be pleased to know, I tried ernestly to find gratitude in everything... I thanked others more often, I reminded them how much I appreciated what they were doing for me, and I let them know how much it helped. I know I fell short a few times, and as I look back through the year, I could have done more. As for my other new years resolutions... lets not even go there... I kept like one of three... That's good right? Or well two of four in a way. So fifty,fifty. This next year I can honestly say there will be weightloss. I promise that. My mother recently purchased a Curves franchise... and hired me! Woot! So to show our clietns the Curves program works I have been enlisted to lose some weight... Oh geesh my heart is broken.. You mean I won't be fat anymore?! So, that is something that I really can and will work on. I am also thinking that starting my year off agagin with more gratitude would be a great idea! I am so looking forward to the new year, I hope it brings new memories, new milestones, and many laughs.

Thank you all for being so patient with me as I am riding this emotional roller coaster. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore every single one of you!