Monday, March 26, 2012

Emergency Room Extravagenza

So, against my better judement.. I decided to go to the doctors yesterday.. Why you might ask? Well, I was under the impression that I cyst rupture, I was in a lot of pain, and really couldn't handle it any longer.. So off we went. We started at the insta care, cause lets face it. I hate the ER. Upon arriving at the insta care, we were told that they couldn't hep us because they didn't have an ultra sound machine, and it wouldn't do me any good to be seen by them... So, load back up in the car, cry because the thought of driving over ever curb and pot hole makes you cringe, and head over to the hospital.

Which, let me tell you.. My husband and I had already been having a bad day. You know the kind of day where you get poor customer service everywhere you go, people ar rude to you, and everyone seems to be driving the same speed, RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!! So, that you cannot pass them. Yeah, it was already a bad day, spending the rest of my Saturday in the ER was not high on my list. We got there were only 2 other people in front of us.. So checking in, and getting my blood pressure and temp taken were relatively quick. Then, we were told that they were in the middle of cleaning rooms, and someone would come out and get us in just a min. Which we sat and waited for 30 min till someone came and got us. Upon which, 2 children came in with fevers. One little 18 month old came in wih a bump and cut on her fore head. One teenage boy came in for stiches, one little 12 year old came with a broken wrist-which we heard them setting like and hour later and the screams were so awful I made my husband shut the door to my room so I couldn't hear him.. It just broke my heart. Needless to say, the ER is a hopin' place on a Saturday night.

We got back to our room, the nurse asked me to put on a gown and undress from the waist up.. I asked twice to make sure I had heard right, since it sounded like a strange request.. Later I found out, that it wasn't needed.. The doctor came up, poked at me for a bit, and then decided to have some blood work done, an IV put in some pain meds given, and an ultra sound. So, 30 mins later, one painful IV inserted, and I'm being wheeled into the ultra sound room. Mind you at this point we thought it was going to take a lot longer so my husband decided to run an errand, so I had to go sit through an ultrasound all by myself.

Following the ultrasound and finding nothing to be concerned.. no cyst.. and obviously no pregnancy...:( Is it sad that the only ultra sounds that I have gotten in my life thu far have never involved a pregnancy.

After the ultrasound showed nothing, I then got a cat scan. Which they ordered after they started to suspect that it may be appendisitis. Oh just FYI, the medicine they inject to your iv during the scan, it really makes you feel like you've pee'd your pants. Oh, and you know who have a bad spine if the ER doctor brings it up and that isn't even the reason you came in...

This is me after a round of pain killers, and more poking and proding... I am glad you can't tell how badly I had been crying..

Well... I am glad to tel you that after hours and hours of laying around taking test, peeing cups, and what not... They discovered... absolutely nothing... They couldn't find what was wrong.. So, I called them this morning, and no one called me back so.. 5 hours later I finally called her back, and thankfully they answered... They weren't able to get me in today, which sucks cause my side is still killing me, and I hadn't eaten all day since I figured that is what they would need. The only opening they had was for tomorrow afternoon, so I get to spend the day starving waiting for a test that is going to take 2 hours... wonderful. All I know is I deserve a good dinner after that! Ugh. Alright, I need to go back to bed, I'll keep you posted on the test.. Oh and also to follow in the next couple of weeks my appointment with the Orthopethic Doctor about my spine that's messed up! :)