Thursday, March 22, 2012

gettin' down with my bad self!

Those are the words I say when I ever I happen to make my white-girl-self, pretend to "back it up".. Or better known as my happy dance.. If you have been fortunate to witness my happy dance... I'm sorry. Wait, what?

No, but really. I have been happy dancing the past couple of days for a few reasons. The following is a list of said reasons...
  1. I wanted to make a list today, and this is how I achieved my goal.
  2. I can tell my Metformin is working.
  3. I took an ovulation test, cause I got it in the mail, and I was anxious to see why my period of was late-which I am aware that you don't take an ov test to check for pregnancy... I was secretly hoping I was ovulating... Ovualtion test came up negative. See test below.

   4. I FINALLY started my period!!

I know which is super strange for me to even consider being excited about starting my period, usually I am curled up in the fetal position, with a box of tissues.. Or attempted not to float away from being so dang bloated.. But, alas. It happened. Lets talk about this for a moment, so I can prove to you that I am not crazy...

If you remember.. my obgyn is trying to get me pregnant.. assist my husband and myself to get knocked up.. Well, the things take time for the infertile people such as myself, and thus the need to my cycle to start, so that we can start keeping track of all the gross things that are needed to be looked after in order to insure ovulation is taking place.. Well a few days ago My husband and I started taking my BBT, ugh... at 5:30 every morning when my husband gets up to go work out... Thank goodness we started when we did or we would have missed day one.

So, now that my cycle has started, the metformin is in my system... Now, lets go back to the ov test. I wanna explain why I am so excited about it being negative... not only was it negative, it was COMPLETELY negative! Before you go saying 'DUH!' let me just tell you how much of a big deal this is for someone with PCOS... I cannot remember. EVER. In all my attempting to conceive years have I had an ov test this negative, usually the test line is still a little faded and that comes from the small levels of  LH-which is what the ov test detect- that are always in my body, thus making it hard for my body to ovulate regularly on it's own.. that means.. my body is being normal.. for once-Knock on wood.

This is great news to me as we start this journey once again. I feel more motivation, and I feel way more in-tune to my body, especially since we started doing the bbt, and I keep track of my cervical postitioning, and cervical mucus.. I told you, gross things that need to take place..

Alright, I am done with my rambling, I am gonna go pop a midol, and curl up with a heating pad!