Saturday, July 23, 2011

come on down to Utah... bring your wives!!!

So this morning as I sat on my couch trying to calm my crying baby, I was touching away at my phone, playing on Facebook, when I happened across THIS post..
Needless to say I was a little shocked... Especially on what people had to say, I know that everyone picks on everyone, and I get that... but truly, some of the remarks did not need to be made about Mormons. I make it a point to not poke fun at others religious beliefs, so yes, it kinda burns my button to be reading those things, and sad that other would find it acceptable. So, reading the post, I came across THIS link....You have probably heard of this one, the 'Men on a Mission" The LDS 'returned' missionaries who posed with their shirts off for this magazine starting in 2008.

Okay- I won't lie, the men are a little hot... But, enough of that, really?! This was a huge controversy a few years ago, and the models used in the calendar were disciplined by the Church, but that only seemed to fuel the fire.. To make matters worse, they have come out with a new calendar called "Mormon Muffins", and it shows Mormon wives dressed like pin-up girls, with muffin recipes on it... Okay, so maybe I am over reacting, and perhaps a few years ago, I would have been first in line waiting to purchase the sexy Mormon Missionary calendar... But this whole thing has got me worked up.

Then, in the mist of abusing google, I decided to entertain myself, and googled, polygomist images... Which lead me to THIS website...Which, put me a better mode... If you don't really go read that blog you are missing out. It is creative, and unique that two individuals who come from different backgrounds can be friends.

Okay, I will get off my soap box..


For more REAL information on the LDS church.... please visit HERE.