Friday, April 1, 2011

I gotta button, yeah, yeah!

So, obviously my blog is still about infertility, the best part is that lately I haven't been obsessed about my broken women parts. But I am glad to be sharing a new button with you today.

Utah Infertility Awareness.

They are having their 2nd annual event, on April 30th this year, and the best part is all the fantastic prizes that they are giving away. Including an amazing 50% off of an IVF treatment-I hope I win that one!!!

You should definately check it out, even if you got mad baby makin' skills, the infertiles in your life would love the support, and to know that people around them care.

Almost a year ago, I had my HSG test.. as you may recall THIS post.

Shortly finding out that I was born with a birth defect, my mother-in-law was so kind she bought me this beautiful willow tree figurine. Truthfully, I don't trip over myself for these things, but this I love so much. I felt over whelming support even though what I had gone through was life changing, and basically stated that the chances of us getting pregnant were slim.

I am not saying go purchase this for every single person in your life who may be suffering from infertility, or who is just not having a good day. Just letting them to know you love them, and support them, just saying it. Is enough.

Happy first day of April, I will start my photo a day, later this evening. I cannot wait!

Also, remember to check out my new button, and to check out Utah Infertility Awareness website!