Monday, September 13, 2010

Chapter 1 of HSG test..

So, I spent the entire weekend being nervous for the procedure, in fact I was so worked up, I managed to make myself sick..

So this morning, after I had tossed and turned all night. I got up, and Jon and I got ready, we headed out the door, and we were sitting in the waiting room by 9:40 this morning. Our appointment was at 10 and they asked we arrive early, which in doing so, they took us back early, had me change into a a gown, and some scrubs. That way I wasn't walking around all exposed, and thankfully they let me keep my undershirt, and bra on, under the gown.. Yikes..

This is me, before the procedure, little did I know, this feeling would not last..

They laid me down, and put my legs up, and moved this huge machine over my body.. I have a small pelvis, and the needless to say I have always hated exam's just because the whole business of getting my va'jayjay to work, doesn't always go over very well.

From the beginning of the procedure, it was terrible. I was in pain because of the speculum, which had to be twisted so the doctor could get to my cervix. Then, he inserted the catheter in, and filled the balloon, is what he called it. Oh man, I was terribly uncomfortable at this point. Then he proceeded to inject the dye. I won't lie, it sucked. Who ever said it was a walk in the park to have an hsg, was LYING! Well, at least for me, it was terrible. But, I have a feeling there is a reason...

So, the doctor, was studying the screen, and blurted out "how fascinating" two things. 1. Who says that to a patient during something like this, and 2. What the 'H' does that mean? Then between the x-ray tech, and the doctor, and the nurse. Everyone started whispering, and saying things I didn't really understand, and then the next thing I knew, the catheter had been removed, and the doctor was leaving the room, to see how my previous ultrasounds had gone.

At this point, tears streaming down my face, I looked at Jon, as I could tell panic was painted clearly across both of our faces. It took forever for the doctor to come back, and he walked in the room, and stated that my ultra sounds had said nothing about it. He then proceeded to tell me, what had caused the frenzy..

I have what's called a unicornuate uterus, a what? a unicornuate uterus. Yeah try saying that five times fast.. Only later after coming home would I discover that this condition only affect 1 in 4000 women, and that is basically means, I have half a uterus, and only one attached fallopian tube. The doctor was kind of a jerk, and brief on the information.

We also discovered, that the one fallopian tube that was connected, the fallopian tube stretches all the way up by my liver, and my ovary is hanging out there too. But that doesn't affect anything, so that was good news, and the tube was not blocked, I don't know about being damaged or not, the doctor didn't really say anything. But I figured had there been a problem he would have said something. He was more amused by the uterus..

I cried the whole way home, half from the pain, and half from what we had been told. I hadn't been told terrible things, but it was great.. I bled pretty bad after the procedure, and am still cramping as I type this. It's kind of strange actually because I can feel how my uterus and my tube are exactly feeling great right now, and it goes to my right hip and then up my right side. So we know, that my business is all to the right. Which we already knew I had a tilted uterus, so that wasn't new news.

I got home, and got straight to work on researching my condition, but since it's so rare, there wasn't a lot of information on it. But I did feel better after reading my findings. Women with my condition can and do have children, they don't always carry to full term, but can. Babies are generally smaller, it's believed that is caused by the confined space they have during developing. Some women, spend a good portion of their pregnancy on bed rest, and these women also have a higher chance for c-section. Most cases I read, the women had delivered via c-section.

So, like I said, it's not great, but it's not bad. I have an appointment next week, to get the actually results, next week. I am anxious to hear what he has to say, and what our chances are of conception. I am thinking conception is achievable, it's just more of the waiting game, and more prayers. I feel good thought, they performed the test twice, and the first time I didn't see the fallopian tube that clearly, and the second time I could see it great. So even if there was something there, it's not anymore. So that right there could have improved our chances.

We have an appointment this Friday to meet with our fertility specialist, and then my appointment with my regular physician is on Monday, and we will get the results from him.. Oh the joys of endless doctors appointments..


Ashley Mathie

Oh Sarah!!! I am sorry it was so traumatic drs can be such idiots sometimes they need more sensitivity training for sure! Sorry about the diagnosis too but glad its not worse! Fingers crossed that it happens for you and once you do get prego just take it nice and easy!!! loves and prayers for you!


First of all, YAY!!! You should TOTALLY celebrate. Why? Well, for starters the HSG test is OVER. Yeah, that test sucks. And now you're past it! Second, you now know what part of the problem is. That is a HUGE relief, and now you can work on fixing it! So congrats!!! :D

And let me if I can do anything to help. If it's any consulation, I felt fine the day after the HSG test.

But anyway...yay! Half the problem is figuring out the problem it seems. And you've almost got that part down. ;)