Saturday, April 2, 2011

GAH! Fail....

I know, I know, I said I would be on here to post another blog for Friday... then today got away from me.. I left my camera in the car, and although I asked my dear husband a few times to go grab it... alas... it was too late.

But recap, Friday was a great day, I was so busy, babysitting, and then we had some friends over, I spent nearly 7 hours crafting with my bestie Bri... Wow!

It was soooo much fun, and I got a lot accomplished.. although it has to wait since some of the items are gifts.. or tutorials. Either way, it's good!

I want to post a couple of photos today, in honor of my bestie Bri, Congratulations on your little girl, we cannot wait to meet her!

Bri is probably gonna kill me, since the first photo I am putting up is of her standing and waiting while I test the lighting... lol, she is too cute. I, needless to say, LOVE it. Too cute!

I was gonna post an awesome photo today, but I guess, I will post that one tomorrow with my other photo... Oh man, are you guys lucky, I must really love ya if I am willing to go to such great lengths to lug around my camera, and I tell you what... it is not a light camera.

Alright, welcome to April, altough my welcoming is a little late... Don't hate me.