Sunday, March 20, 2011

Charity never failith

As I started typing this blog, I had another one of those moments, where it turned into something completely different, and I felt that the original post would not do any justice.

Today, in church, we learned that charity is equivalent to love, and not just love, but the pure love of Christ. To provide Charity is not just giving clothing, food, or money to those in need. It is looking upon another, and seeing the face of Christ and being able to love them for who they are, and not for what expectations you expect of them..

This starts by looking at yourself, and realizing that no one is perfect, you do not expect perfection from yourself, why would you expect this from anyone else? Or vice versa..

Where am I going with this? you ask.. Well.. In life there are so many moments where we are unsure of what events are about to unfold in our crazy life's. But, the one thing that I am so blessed to know, that remains consistent, is that the Savior is always there for me, not matter what. He loves me. Not even that, he love you too, and the only thing you need to do, is be open and willing to except this love. How great is that?!

How great is that, not matter what you do, or the choices you make in this life, the Lord will always find you in his favor.

I found a couple of videos on Youtube, that speak volume to the Lords love. We all could use a little perspective, and taking a step back from the world, and allowing ourselves to once look in the mirror, and for once seeing ourselves through the Lords eye's.

I know the videos are a little long.. But, totally worth it. I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!

Remember, all you need to know is that the Lord loves you unconditionally, and that planting your faith, however small, will blossom into something beautiful. Keep this in mind as we draw closer to Easter. We could all use a little more Christ in our lives.