Monday, March 21, 2011

reversable car seat cover turorial

I want to extend a huge congratulations to one of my best friend Bri, she will be welcoming her first child in just a couple of weeks, and I loved making this for her!

I picked out two different types of fabric, I was in love with this bright floral print and have been thinking about what I could make with it for weeks now. So glad I finally found a reason. I picked 1 1/4 yard of each. So a total of 2 1/2 yards.

Next I pinned the two materials facing each other, and ironed it. I figured it made the process faster... After ironing. I pinned it together. The square measured 35 x 40 inches.

I then stitched all around the square, except about 5 inches in one spot. You can make it smaller, you just need to be able to pull it right side out.

Now for the remaining section that needs to be finished I took the double sided iron on paper, and cute a small strip, folded in the fabric pieces to match the edges. and ironed it closed.

The edge finished nicely, and I didn't need any stitching on the outside.

After that, I picked some ribbon, which I cut 4 pieces into 15 inches long each. I then measured out to the middle of the square and placed 2 pieces of ribbon 12 inches apart. I stitched those on.

Then rotated and did the same thing on the opposite side.

And you're done! I didn't have a car seat to show the finished product on, but perhaps my friend Bri will take a photo of hers, and lend it to me. I dressed up the cover a bit more by making some twisted fabric flowers two in each type of fabric, and pinned them to the opposite sides, adding more contrast. It was super super cute. I will get def get a finished photo! Enjoy!

It was a super easy, and inexpensive baby gift, and I think I will be giving more and more of these!