Saturday, March 19, 2011

AND, 100....

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. This is my 100th post!! Oh my gosh.... tear. sniffle. I'd like to thank, well... lots of people. My husband for putting up with me, all my friends for letting me blog about them, and putting up with me when I rant, and complain, and to all of you, who read my blog, and wait while I procrastinate to get up another post.

YES, I have made it... well, I have made a milestone. I cannot wait til I am blogging the 200th, or even 500th blog post. Yikes, that is a lot of blogging!

But for today, with it being the 100th post and all, I would like to share my semi-done dream board. I say 'semi' mainly because, I know there are other things I want to add to it, but I haven't found that right other thing, but it's out there!

Yes, I used crayon for my dream board.. but I love to color, and it was lots and lots of fun to make!

I actually really like, and it looks awesome on my bedroom wall!! Plus the picture up in the corner, I don't know if you can see it.. That's me, almost 5 years ago, when I was my skinniest, and I look smokin' hot. So, that gives me some motivation to be lookin' that slammin' again! Oh yeah! Hey, it's my dream board.. not yours.

Oh yes, things are lookin' awesome. I got another tutorial that I am gonna post on Monday. I had to wait for my friends baby shower today, so that she didn't see what I made her before hand. Plus with being sick, and everything... my month of tutorials got away from me. FAIL.

Don't hate me.

But, I have a bunch of exciting things for the end of March, and with April right around the corner, I am looking forward to April showers, and lots of photos! I hope your weekend is going well thus far, and we will be seeing you Monday, with an awesome tutorial, and a few other post to follow!