Thursday, March 17, 2011

Edge of your seat!!!

Oh yes, I have made a post on Facebook recently that something wonderful has come our way, and we have a HUGE surprise!! I cannot even tell you how big this is. However, I have shared this news with a few people already, merely because it's so special to me, I don't want to jinx the happenings and mess it all up.

Right now, we are asking for prayers, and unconditional love, and support. Hopefully as we get closer we will be able to share the good news with everyone!

We are excited, and know that when we finally share this news with everyone, you will all be as excited with us.

I hope you are now sitting at the edge of your chair, biting your nails, and feeling a little frustrated with me. I noticed the increase of views on my blog recently, and I am sure it is due to the fact that everyone is itching to know.

It's gonna be life changing, and something amazing.

Happy St. Patricks day, I hope that you get as lucky as me. It's my favorite holiday, and I am feeling very blessed, and over the rainbow about!


Jessica Waite

i check your blog daily maybe a couple of times a day to see if you have written anything... so maybe the numbers are going up because I have been checking... lol


I hope you are either adopting soon OR you are pregnant. Both would be wonderful. I wish you the very best!! I hope to hear soon.
Love you and wish you the best. Bobbi