Saturday, February 5, 2011

in a nut shell

So, while I was MIA... I managed to snap a few pictures while I was doing so.. Oh speaking of photos, I have more than this, after my little photo adventure with J.

The beautiful mountains that trim Utah County.. I hate taking pictures of the mountains.. I just feel like I never do them justice, and they look smaller than they really are..

I also managed to fit in a good ol' game of bowling with the hubby and a couple of friends, and if you were thinkin' J.. you'd be right, also her hubby came, and I hate playing with people who actually know what they are doing.. cause then my score seems even more pathetic. Ugh, oh well. We had a blast and I must say, I think we should do it again.
Also credit needs to be given, B mopped the floor, and basically kicked everyones butt.

Last but not least.. At the end of this week, my husband and I attended another funeral. This time, it was my uncle. Now, before you start crying, I didn't know him all that well, and in fact I think I have only met him once or twice. But, my poor husband didn't sleep the night before, and between the long drive to and from the funeral, and catching a few Z's during the services. He passed out before we were a block away from the chapel. It was too cute, I had to take a pic.

So, that has been the past few days, that I wasn't blogging. I know, it isn't all the exciting, but next week is gonna be a blast, and I just wanted to give ya the heads up!