Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm goin' green!

Okay, so recently I have been considering more and more lately, the possibility for finding "green" alternatives to things I do around my house, and obviously I know that this isn't for everyone, and it is something that my husband and I have decided to do. Yes, I am a little bit of a hippie, and I don't mind one bit. I would ask however that you keep your opinions just that, yours. I don't want any negative feed back from this, and if you don't have anything nice to say, well then just don't be speakin'.

Doing your part for the environment is important. Just think, if every person on the planet did one small thing to better our planet, what kind of world would we live in? I recently started to investigate family cloths, if you don't know what that is you can find out here, I just came across this Website today, and I am in love! All the questions I had been wondering about, I found on her blog.

So, now that you have been given a glimpse of my awkward mind, I have a new goal. I want to find 10 different things my family can do, to go "green". I love this, especially since I have started researching it, I have found patterns for cloth diapers here. Or even making your own sanitary napkins, here. I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone, and for some people it makes them uncomfortable to think about, but I really am in love with this idea.

I know that some of my green methods, are a little extreme, and aren't exactly high on everyone's to-do list. But, If we all did at least ONE thing, it could make a difference. For example:

1. Filling a bottle with water, and putting it in the tank of our toilets. You use less water to flush.

2. Shortening our shower time.

3. Turning the faucet on and off in between washing hands, brushing teeth, or even washing dishes.

We should all try to make 2011 a little bit greener for everyone. I can't wait to get started!



The first thing I wanted to do to "go green" was make cloth diapers and clothes for my children (when and if I ever get to have any lol)

Good job for taking it further :)