Wednesday, February 9, 2011

side note

Oh man, have you been outside today? Here in Utah county, it's FREEZING!! Not to mention the wind factor only adds that much more to the chill.. Buuurrr!!! So, it's been kind a slow week, and along with the cold, there is a change in the air. I am greatly considering changing my degree. I am currently attending school for Criminal Justice, as many of you might know. Well... the more I think about it, the more I really want to do something else. As luck would have it, after talking to a few people, and deciding that

1. I LOVE math
2. I LOVE kids
3. I think there is nothing greater than watching a child learn

Drum roll........ if you haven't already guessed?

I wanna be a math teacher :)

So hopefully, I can get the ball rolling on that. I know that it may not excite a lot of people, ya know... changing my degree and all... but, I have a feeling I will like this career a lot more.. Don't be sad, I know the idea me dressed up in a uniform, and walking around with handcuffs and a gun really gets your gears goin'... but alas, I wanna be a math teacher.

Alright, well... I am really sick, and feeling a little out of it. Have a great evening/day, and Happy Hump day!