Friday, February 18, 2011

he loves me, loves me not

It was an unfortunate Valentines day this year, seeing as how I spent the day drugged up, and sleeping the day away.. In between helping my mother with a class party for my little brothers sixth grade class, and pretending to be semi-conscious. These fabulous flowers above, were a treat my husband brought home for me, after running errands, cause yes, I scheduled visiting teachers to come to my house.. Oh man that day was a nightmare, I hadn't slept the whole night before, then I had to stay up to entertain my guest. Poor ladies. Sorry!

The flowers are still in perfect bloom sitting on my counter top, just in case you were wondering. Which is good, cause Monday, after getting back from the little class party I helped out with... my dear, sweet husband invited his best friend over. Don't get me wrong, I love his friend Steve-o, and we all get a long great, except when I want to spend a "romantic" day with my husband, granted I would have slept the day away, regardless. But, it's the matter of the fact that my husband, invited someone over, when we could have very well spent the day together, being sappy, and full of love. No worries, my husband made good, and the following day, we made our way to Salt Lake, stopping at Ikea, where yes, I purchased a wok, for just $5!!! Woot! Afterward, we journeyed more North, into Salt Lake, Yeah I never go here.. and honestly it's kinda scary, at least compared to my little neighborhood, it's something that just freaks me out. If you can't tell, I am not much of a risk taker..

Before lunch, we went and saw a movie, True Grit, not gonna lie, kinda really liked it. And of course, I had to use the bathroom after, and this is what I found in the rest room, probably the coolest hand dryer I have ever had the opportunity to dry my clean hands with. It's a Dyson hand dryer, and you put her hands down inside the mouth looking area. Yeah, it was awesome!
(sad that I am so impressed with the hand dryer, right?)

But, we went out, and my husband treated me to a great little restaurant, The Red Iguana. If you have never been I highly recommend it. Plus, their doggy bags, are biodegradable.

This was my dish, it was huge, and there is a second plate off to the side you can't see. It was super yummy, and just as good when I reheated it later. Yum!

Also, just FYI, spiciest house salsa, I have ever had in my life. Which only made it that much better.

All, in all. My husband made up for the lack of lovin' on Monday, and I can say I truly enjoyed our Valentines day this year. Can't wait for 50+ more years of them. Love you Jon!