Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Cloth Tutorial

Heads up to new readers, or for any one who is unaware. If you do not know what family cloths are, please go HERE.

Finally! I can now put up my family cloth tutorial. It has taken me a few days, and with needing to get a few more photos, and then getting said photos onto my computer it has been quite the task. I should really get with it. I have a few other things that I need to make, and they are collecting dust.

So first things first, I picked out my fabric I wanted. I went with two different cotton materials, the red with the flowers and the gray with the black floral. I really liked them. All the other blogs that I have read on this, you can use pretty much anything for family cloth. Old t-shirts, bedding, etc. But I wanted something that was nicer, and more unison. For the other side of the cloth, I used a muslim material, it's cheap, and I really like how it looked against my other material. Oh, I should tell you, I bought the pre-cut quarter panels. You know, the kind that we folded in neat squares, and placed more or less right in front of the other fabric. I think it's cheaper, and it saves me from cutting more.

After cutting the muslim material to the same size of the opposite material. I placed them back to back, and laid out my paper on top. I measured it out to 6 inches, I got about 12 squares per quarter panel.

It took about 20 mins, but I finally got it all cut out and ready to go. They looked great, before I even began sewing.

Now the benefit to doing them 6 inches, is that I basically did a finishing stitch on them, and cut the over hang. I used a zig-zag stitch, and so they were super quick, and simple.

Now, I just cut the small over hang, or if you like it, you are welcome to leave it. I however liked the more finished edge.

Doesn't it look great?! I won't lie, I am pretty proud of myself.

Also, while I was purchasing my fabric this week, I came across the clearance section, and picked up this adorable basket, with my favorite color, orange, and it has paisleys- you can never go wrong, with either combination. I placed the basket next to my toilet.

Also, I choose the dry method of family cloth. You can find out about that HERE. I know the website I suggested is about cloth diapers, but it is the same idea. So, this is my pail, clearly labeled "not trash". So now all my friends who read my blog, and come to my house, don't have to ask what it's for. Oh man, my poor friends.

Well that is it, my first step towards going green. I want you to know, I am fully aware that this is not for everyone, and you may clearly not share the same views as I do. But, I like it, so I am sticking with it.


Momma Jorje

Thanks for the tutorial. I finally experience family cloth at a friend's house in another state and I felt so pampered! I'm looking forward to making some of my own. She went through a tutorial with me, though, and mine will be slightly different. There are certainly a lot of different ways you could make "little squares of 2-ply fabric." :-D