Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For Lindsey

So, recently I read a post of facebook, from a gal that I had known in my previous ward, she shared that they only had a few more weeks with someone named Lindsey. Well, I had no idea would Lindsey was, so, I called my mother up, who is still in the same ward, and I asked. She shared with me, that Lindsey was the daughter-in-law, of this gal, and she had been diagnosed with cancer, and things were not looking well.

So, this afternoon, I learned about Lindsey. This amazing young lady, who is my age, who attended my school. No, I didn't know her, but I believe the more prayers for their families the better.

You can learn about Lindsey too, HERE!

There are several post on her blog, where they talk about the hope for harvesting eggs, after the radiation treatment, in hopes for a baby. Later, they find out that the chances of even harvesting eggs is not possible. Wow, I have spent the last year trying everything to get pregnant. I would give anything to be a mother, but it doesn't matter, because this young lady would give anything just to have another year with her husband. I couldn't even imagine. I read her blog and just cried.

I know we don't always get what we want, but we can be grateful for what we have. I am still grateful, and I know I am truly blessed.

Prayers for Lindsey, and for her family.