Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wow, I haven't given up yet!

I am alctually fairly impressed with myself considering I have managed to keep up with the blog. Mainly because the new year started, I went back to school, and to top all that off I am combating sickness. I know and it's rather depressing I had to turn down my bff, and Zumba tonight. Curse you sickness(shakes fist)

Although today, I found something that I am truly grateful for. That would be education. Without it, I would not be able to pursue my dream of a Forensic Investigator, and without education, those teaching me, would not be able to do so.

I took my midterm today, needless to say it pretty much sucked.. I managed to fail my first one, but really it was on terrorism.. Who wouldn't flunk it.. Oh that's right, everyone BUT me... But I am much happier with how my second one turned out, A- on my criminal evidence class! WOOT!

I do realyl well sometimes, and honestly this is the very first test, I have EVER failed... I was rather dissapointed in myself, and thankfully, my teacher loves me, and is willing to work out some extra credit with me.

So that's what it is folks, to education, to the all the teacher that put up with me, cause heaven knows I was the kid with ADHD, that wouldn't shut up, or stay in my seat. Also, to Mrs. Hook, my crazy as hell art teacher, whole was so creative, made up her own rap lyrics to Eminem's, Real Slim Shady. (Oh man talk about one of the most awkward things you've ever seeen!) But seriously, love that lady!

I have learned a lot from many different people in my life, and different things they have taught me. Drama: Only encouraged my awesome dulisional self, Choir: more encouragement of insanity. Art: My second love* sigh * Debate: Really? They should have put me in this class so much sooner. I learned to have a voice, and at last a REAL opinion, and a back bone.

There is a huge list of people who have contributed to my life. I am gald they were a part of it, even if it were just a momnet. To more learning, more en deavours, and obviously, more ADHD moments.. Oh something shiny!