Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a Day!

Holy Moses! It was one heck of a day, I was up early, after hardly sleeping, and was off finishing the details for my little sisters bridal shower. I cannot believe my little sis, is gettin' hitched. It was lots of fun, I made muddy buddies(best thing ever!) fruit kabobs, and some cupcakes.

I still think my gift was the best, who can go wrong with embrassing your sister in front of her future in-laws, with some langerie. She was just about the same shade of red, as the cute little teddy I got her.

I also spent the after noon, with two of my best friends, J and B, seriously, These ladies rock! They are helping me work on the face of blog. Oh speaking of which, I have a new name picked out, and will be changing my domain address, but no worries not for a week or so... hopefully!

So for today, I am grateful for memories, moments that are insignificant, and sometimes meanless, are the moments that I will remember always. Like making dumb faces as my mother takes the 10th picture of my sister and I. Or laughing so hard my side hurts, after I tell my friends the 'Condom Fight' my husband and I had. Which is also a long story, and will be saved for a later date and time.. I know you are probably wonder, "What the heck does an infertil want with condoms?" lol it's not what you think.

So for moments far and in between, that make your heart swell with joy, and for people who bring you those moments. Thanks!

Also a congratulations to my baby sis, I love you Jo, I cannot wait, less than two weeks!