Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay, in all honest, and in my defense, I totally remembered to get online and blog. But, I spent the majority of my afternoon, hanging out with a great set of friends! I love them! We played this game called Munchkin, Yeah... We played it for like 2 hours, and I still have no idea what happened..

Then I got carried away with talking with my Friends BB about all sorts of good things that we plan to do this year, which may involve an Etsy shop, but don't quote me on it! I am a little obsessed with my blogging, and since I don't really have anything better to do, we shall see.

I had so much going on yesterday, and it seemed like I didn't stop for one moment, church, meeting after said church, family dinner, friends, late nights, and early mornings to watch my husband leave. He got up early today, just so he could go take this border patrol exam. Cross your fingers, it would be a huge blessing for us, if he were able to pass, and go on to potentially get a job.

But for yesterday, I took a moment as we were driving, to look around me. And, although, majority of what I saw on our drive were dead deer... Yikes.. I did get a climpse at the Mountains. If you have never been to Utah, and you have never seen our Mountains, you are missing out! In those few moments that I had to spare, I realized how beautiful they were.. They may be void of anything green right now, and the overwhelming amount of snow maybe just too much. But I love them. I love the beautiful things, I have in my life. Not only nature, but those around me who just shine beautifully, who show compassion, and love for everyone.

I now it isn't an over the top kinda thing, but in days like yesterday, it's nice just to take a quick deep breath, and really look at things.

And these aren't even the prettiest, or biggest mountains we have, they are to the west of us, but still just as beautiful.