Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday meetings

So, today at church, we sat in the very, very back row. It's nice back here. 1. my husband doesn't sing, and neither does anyone else in the back row. So this way there is no pressure to pull out the hymn book. 2. No one really notices when you sneak in a little late.. Thank you alarm clock. But we sat in the back, and as the meeting seemed to linger on, I noticed a family, that I have known for years. Even before I moved into this ward. They have THE cutest little girl, who is handicapped. But the mother, we will call her Mrs.S, does such a great job, of tending to her daughter, and dressing her up in the cutest home made outfits, and head bows. Seriously she is super crafty, and yes I am a little jealous of her.

So, for years this sweet couple has avoided having another child, mainly because they were told the chances of them having another child with the same disability lingered like a black cloud over the subject. As we sat that, I wondered to myself, her trial, of deciding whether to have more children, at the risk of having another child with the same condition, is kind of like infertility. Wanting something so badly, and knowing that there are things out of your control. I wanted greatly to walk up to her and tell her that I understood. Even if it were on such different levels, she is mourning a loss, so to speak.

Well, I also happened to remember that she had connections on getting really good deals on ribbon, and since I need a lot of it for my coming soon etsy shop, I figured I'd scoot over after the meeting was over, and strike up a conversation.

Mrs. S, so I know you have access to some really cheap ribbon? She giggled, and then proceeded to tell me that she gets the ribbon when she goes back East, and won't be going back for a while. I was suddenly very saddened, and just figured that it wasn't a high priority, she then blurts out. "But it's for a good reason.... I'm pregnant!"

My jaw dropped, okay maybe not physically, but in my head. I'm over there in the back row, looking like an idiot to myself... No but come on, how freakin' exciting is that! I felt so blessed at that moment to have been shared some pretty awesome news. I am sure I am the only person in the neighborhood to know.. And for anyone on in the ward who happens to read my blog.. No going and telling people, it's her good news to tell.

So today, I am grateful for rewards. For feeling joy for someone else, and knowing their trials are over, and their faith is enough to try again. I know that this sweet little family deserves those blessings, and to know that they are already amazing parents. I love them, and will keep them in my prayers.

It was a great experience and it taught me that instead of making assumptions about others, reaching out, and talking to them is so much more rewarding, then sitting in silence, and have pitty for something that needs no attention.



good post!!! I'm happy for the sister in your ward. I love your blog!! anyways this has nothing to do with this post but i thought you would like to check out this blog also...