Monday, January 10, 2011

todays official post!

So, I have to share with you that I am seriously super anxious to change my blog, my wonderfully awesome, beautifully talented friend B is working hard on helping me with the whole new scheme.. Thanks B! All day today, I have been busy brain storming, and thinking, and just creating new ways to improve my blog, and my potential business in the near future. My poor brain hasn't had much rest. Thankfully I let my mind take a break, and I worked my body out.

Speaking of which, I have to share with you, that I have eaten very poorly these past few days.. Between baking goodies for my little sis bridal shower, and having friends over, it is been one buffet of junk food. Enough to make anyone sick with the thought of it. So I was terribly dreading stepping on the scale this morning since it had been a few days since I weighed myself.... I turned on my scale, waited for the 0 to appear, stepped on, one hand covering my eyes, and kind of peeking out through my fingers. I was shocked when I realized that I had actually lost a pound since I had weighed myself last... Wow. How lucky could I get. Mind you, this doesn't mean I am going on a junk food binge, it just reminded me I got super lucky, and that I can't let it happen again. So bring on the 30 day shred! Woot!

Now on to the good stuff, what am I grateful for today, you ask? Why, my most wonderful adoring husband. As I watched him leave the house, to take his big Border Patrol exam today, on less than 4 hours of sleep. I realized how much he really does love me. I know he wants to make things better in our lives, and to find a job that brings us more money, and great career opportunities. He is an amazing man, and I don't know what I would do with him.

Little background story. Less than 3 months of after my divorce from my first husband, I joined a dating Website.. Shortly there after I stopped using it, and forgot all about it. No worries, the story gets better. I then received an email from said Website, informing me someone had sent me an email. I was rather shocked, considering I hadn't been online in months. I quickly accessed my account, and there was an email, from this handsome stud. I sent him a text, two nights later we had our first date, on our 4th date he told me, he loved me. I then told him that evening that was way to fast for him, and I was no longer interested...What?! I know, poor judgement on my part. Well two days later, I gave into my undeniable feelings for said stud, and we were together again... Yes, ten LONG days after our first date we decided to marry... I know, I'm insane. But I tell you what I am the happiest crazy person I know!

I could never pick any one person who could compliment my personality, my wits, and my soul. He truly is the other half of my puzzle, and the one person I would breath and die for. I can't til we are old and we get to tell people of our courtship, and they drop their jaw, and raise an eyebrow or two. You rock my socks baby, and I cannot believe we have been together over years already.. I know, such a long time right? But I couldn't be happier.

Oh just in case you are wondering. Jon only lived 6 blocks from me, and I actually worked with his brother at one point, not that his brother even remembers me. But, still, it's like those others weird creepy online courtships, plus we were engaged for 6 months. In Utah standards, that's an eternity.

I love this guy, I couldn't be more grateful for any one thing in my whole life. I hope everyone is as lucky as I am to find their soulmate.



Your story of how you met your husband is similar to mine, so I totally understand it! They say when you know, you you have to go with it!


It's true, when you know, you know...and...why are you two sitting in the freezing cold like wonder you're always sick!! silly girl! haha