Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Saturday it's a long post.. sorry..

First off, I just have to say thank to my good friend B for helping out with my blog, and every little step we take to improve it, just makes it that much better. If you didn't notice already, my text are just that much cuter now! Thanks B love your face!

Also, I need another moment to brag. I wanted to show this pic before my I went to the baby showers today, but I didn't want anyone seeing something they shouldn't.

I just have to share, I love this outfit, and I think it's so adorable! I mean who doesn't want their little boy to have his own guitar to rock out to. I just want you all to know, that if this kid grows up and becomes a rockstar. I am responsible for this... If he becomes I crazy emo wanna be... I had nothing to do with it. I just have to say, it's pretty kick-ass!

No but seriously, today was so crazy. I hardly got any sleep last night and then this morning I was up early, running late... I know, it's hard to imagine that one. But, when you don't wake-up early enough, you kinda run a little behind. Then, I drove about 30 mins south... and drove around another 15 mins.. I got terribly lost. Oops. Not even Mapquest, nor my navigation could navigate this little small town. Thankfully, I found the spot, and enjoyed my time with my friend Cassiopia... No that's not her name, it's just my nickname for her. It was lots of fun, and I gave her some of my favorite Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion and wash, seriously you can't go wrong with Vanilla Oatmeal.. I love the smell.

After enjoying the festivities, I ventured North just shy of ten minutes, which If you have been to Utah, I found myself in down town Provo. I enjoyed a quick lunch, and started to look for the next baby shower location... Yeah, good thing my number dyslexia knows how to act up at the dumbest times! I spent another 15 mins looking for a street that didn't exist. I mixed up the order of the numbers.. Thankfully I had my handy-dandy Droid! Also access to Facebook. I quickly found the next location, and enjoyed some nummy snacks, some great company... and a rather disturbing story.

The preggers lady was opening her gifts, and opened a bag with binkie wipes in it. These wipes are pretty cool, in a handy packet, and good for when you drop the binkies on the ground, leave them in the bottom of a dirty bag.. So, this other gal who was attending, started sharing that her son ended up getting tooth decay because she had picked up his binkie off the floor on several occasion, wiped it off using her own mouth.. which A. Why in the heck would you put something, off the floor! In your mouth? and B. Why would you think it would then be good enough to put it in your son's mouth? Everyone in the room was kind of shocked.. She then proceeds to say.. "If you think that's terrible, just wait til you start breast feeding, and do things like feed your bestfriends baby.. in the back of a car no less".. Umm What? Okay, I tried to wrap my head around this, and seriously, even considering breastfeeding my sisters baby would be a stretch.

Needless to say, it was an eventful day. But for today, I know something that I am grateful, and yes it's a little hard to swallow.. Sigh..

Today, I am grateful for humbling situations. For being reminded there is a reason for everything, and although I may not understand, or be happy with those things I fail to fully comprehend. And although at the end of the day when I am driving home, and still feeling fully accomplished from the things I was able to give someone, I am allowed to cry a little.

I love my life, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have lived, and seen the things that I have, and to know that miracles exist. Yeah, this chapter sucks. The whole waiting and having to stand on the side line. It's truly something so remarkable, and I hope that the efforts I put forth, and my patience is what is being counted.