Friday, January 14, 2011

count down is on

So I have to apologize for my lack of post yesterday, we are getting ready to celebrate my little sisters marriage this next Friday. With all of that, I have been making my little sisters bouquet, doing a makeup run through, wedding dress fittings, shopping for the just right shoes... ugh, seriously if I could re-do my wedding day, I would have done everything so much cheaper... a nice dinner with close family and friends, and then an open house after we got back from our honey moon... Honestly, I tried convincing my sister of that, I tried telling her all that mattered was at the end of the day, you were married, and happy. I think more intimate settings are so much better. But, lesson learned just a little. No worries, after almost two years of marriage, I couldn't be happier.

I was trying to come up with something witty, and remotely entertaining for today's gratitude post, but alas, I feel just a little too dang distracted by anything to be grateful for... No, No... Stop. I know I have something that I am grateful for.

Oh I know.. Today, I went grocery shopping... and.. I used some coupons. Okay, before you go rolling your eyes, have you ever gone shopping and used coupons? It's great! Mind you, it's been a long time since I was using coupons, and today was the first day back on the band wagon. I m super proud of myself, and in the end I saved myself today about 40 dollars. Woot! Go me. I know it isn't much, but I am kinda proud of myself. So today, I am thankful for coupons, for discounts, and sales. For people who take into consideration the poor college students.

Tomorrow will be a better day.. I hope. I at least should be able to find something too be grateful for. I have two baby showers, and a wedding reception to attend. I know, if you aren't shocked at this point that the infertile, is attending TWO baby showers. Only every now and then does it suck to sit and listen to all the ladies, oohh and aaww over the diapers, and butt paste, and sometimes the hideous clothing and or blankets that are gifted to them. I will say however, I always feel like the better person, cause in the end my gifts are the biggest hit, especially since I take the time to put them together, and fluff 'em.

So here is to coupons, and looking forward to better days, and of course more awesome baby shower gifts from yours truly!



First off when I get married Im having a huge dance party... but it will be after i get back from the honey moon ha ha.. Im not much for the normal reception right after.. eh just not me.. second I Love coupons.. best thing ever!! way to go on saving $40 and third your blog is super cute just sayin.. =P


Awww... You make me feel good thanks Jess for noticin' Your awesome. I cannot wait for you to get hitched!


Ha ha me either.. Its going to be awesome.. =P