Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I think I piddled in my pants a little.

So this morning was once again, up early, quick breakfast, then out the door. Which upon getting out to the car, it wouldn't start... My husbands car has issues when it's cold outside... I guess that means we need to move to the beach. HINT HINT!

So, we decided to take my car... er.. um.. yeah, my husbands car, was parked behind my car.. great. So we spent another 5 mins trying to work my car out from in front of his, without hitting the garage door. Did I tell you about the slush, and the slanted drive-way I have? Or the fact that my shoes have no traction? I almost lost my footing.

I spent the majority of this morning, participating in family activities, and since we are just days away from sisters wedding. Things are getting hectic around here. My body is so tired, and drained of all energy. I seriously cannot wait for Thursday afternoon.. I am taking a nap, and catching up on some sleep.

So this afternoon, after we ran out of gas.. another long story..We finally made it to the gas station after my wonderful mother-in-law rescued us. Thank you Shell! So we are pulling out of said gas station, and I don't know about you, but I have this terrible fear of turning left across a busy road. I just HATE it! I will drive around an extra 5 mins to avoid crossing traffic. So my husband was looking back and forth and there was a ton of traffic, and it seemed to be clearing in between lights, and this huge dumpster truck is turning left on the street we are on, and as he turns there is this perfect opening. So just as my hubby starts to take off to cross traffic, this yellow sports car, comes out of nowhere, Jon says nowhere. I say he was driving behind the dump truck out of sight. Needless to say, the other car swerved, we hit the brakes. I am screaming, and we barely missed each other.

Phew! That was close. I didn't speak to Jon for about 10 mins. I was shocked, and angry.. Jon knows that I can't stand the way he drives sometimes, but moments like this.. oh boy do they get under my skin.

Needless to say... I almost piddled my pants. From now on, we have decided that when he is in the car with me... to just DRIVE AROUND!!!

So today, I am thankful for guardian angels. For moments where you know in your head that it should have gone wrong, and at the last second, you were saved. I know we have guardian angels. I know that someone is watching over me. I am just so thankful that on days like today, we made it out in one piece.

I am also thankful for seat-belts... just wanted you to know.


Infertile Mormon Mommy

My mom always says "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." :) She also says that her kids angels must be football players, becuase we have lived through more we should have!


oh do I know this feeling all to well.. lol I am convinced my husband has a whole team of angels dedicated to protecting him!


This exact dead car/working car stuck thing happened to me just a week ago! Thankfully though we have 2 cars and so we are not totally stranded, eh? LOL I'm glad you two are safe, those 'near' accidents are so scary. A few months ago i was driving through the intersection of center street and freedom blvd and a white SUV just runs the redlight, and didnt slow AT ALL. If my brakes had been even a little bit bad I'd have slammed head on into the other car. Needless to say, I pulled over and just sat there shaking for a few moments. Thank God for guardian angels indeed. Great post :)