Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have to brag...

Okay, so I got a on to look at blog today, and can I just tell you I am a little proud of how my blog looks. It isn't over the top, and I pretty much am in love with it. :)

So I have to admit I had a much better day today, I went to class, enjoyed the company of my besties, and got to have some good ol' quality time with the hubby. I do have to tell you that I was slightly bummed when I walked out of class this morning and found 4+ inches of snow, that wasn't there when I walked inside less than 4 hours earlier..

Now, if you have never been to Utah, let a lone when it snows, you are missing out on what terrible drivers the lot of us seem to be. I consider my self a decent driver, all things considered, one speeding ticket, and zero accidents. I know that doesn't make you driver of the year, but really, I do pretty dang good.

Well after leaving class, and being stuck behind the drivers who forget how to drive in snow... Yes, my little sister is one of these drivers. She is terrified of snow. Don't tell her I told you... So passing 3 accidents, 2 drivers stuck in the snow drifts. I finally made it home, a little freezing, and I hadn't realized that while getting in my car I brushed some snow off the roof of my car, onto my seat, and managed to spend 20 mins sitting in snow, and my big bum, managed to soak it all up, and not even realize it. Duh...

Also, never live on a hill that is steeper than 45 degrees...
Cars+hill-snow tires+snow=no bueno for me.
Luckily, I have spent much time practicing getting up my hill, and I took the long way around.

So for today, I am grateful for God's miracles(yes-snow is counted as a miracle, especially when I don't have to be out in it.), grateful for snow tires, grateful for husbands who know a lot about cars and who know how to teach their poor wives to properly drive in said snow. I am also very grateful that the snow plows never miss our street. I guess the perk to living next to a Fire-Chief, so I am grateful for that too.

I spent so much time these past few weeks, thinking that I had to have huge things that I needed to be grateful for, and thinking I needed to be over the top with everything. But with days like today, the little things really do mean a lot.


Emily Jo

I'm getting better at driving in the snow! Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm a bad driver in it!