Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm a cheetah

Today, I found out I am a cheetah... Well, at least that's what my paper told me after I answered all the questions. It was an evaluation of how you work in a group. Basically I think fast, act quickly, and pounce on anything that moves.

After chasing down breakfast, and then finishing class, I came home, mopped the floor, and made taco's for lunch. I love days like this. Where I get all the boring stuff out of the way, and then get to spend time with my husband.

So, as you know, well as you should know, since I was ranting about it the other day.. I know someone who is pregnant. Are you surprised? What infertile doesn't know a pregnant lady? Or at least seen one in the past 24 hours? Any who, this gal, I am over the moon happy for. She and her husband having been trying to conceive for just over a year and half. It was a bumpy road for them, and after failed attempts, and many, many test, she is officially knocked up!

and yes I cried while I read her blog... but happy tears, the kind you get in church..or at a wedding.

It's days, and weeks, years, and moments like this, that are totally worth this fight. Although, this time, I am not the one posting my ultra-sound photo on my blog. There are thousands of other women who are living with this same struggle, who greatly deserve this.

Today, I am grateful, for fulfillment, to know that chasing dreams comes to an end at some point, and become real. To know that no matter how hard our struggles are, we can always over come them, one way or another.

We may not like the path laid before us, but in moments where all hope is lost, and we over come with despair, the Lord is always there to walk by us, and hold us up when we can barely find the strength to stand.