Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding Gratitude

So... The past few days have pretty much been a drag. I haven't even really done anything. This includes getting out my pajamas. Don't judge. Along with feeling a little down in the mouth, it's rather a struggle to find things to be grateful for.

I do however need to rant, I seriously think that pregnancy ladies go in cycles. For every gal that's preggers, two more pop up, and then 3 months later 3 more ladies are pregnant. It is a never ending cycle. Maybe we should move to a state where people just aren't that pregnant that often. Suggestions are greatly appreciated it.

I know that I'm only human, so please don't hold it against me if I sulk over to the corner and have a temper tantrum.

Okay now that the rantings are out, and you know I am in a mood. We can get on with it.

For the past few days I have really felt like I have had nothing to do. I have been hoping and praying that I would be getting a phone call, or my husband would be getting one, asking us to come and work for them. But alas no such phone calls have taken place.So for today, yesterday, and every day that I sit here wishing and hoping. I am grateful for opportunities to work. To have something to look forward to every day, and know that you are supporting yourself and your family. I am grateful for satisfaction in a job well done.

I would never wish this situation upon my worst enemy, to be jobless, and feeling the strain. It has truly been a humbling experience, and I hope that jobs happen for us quickly.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. We are truly grateful for those willing to offer such kindness.