Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here We Go...

And so it starts... I think I just piddled in my pants a little. I cannot believe, a whole year has already come and gone, this time last year, I was making New Year Resolutions, that I managaed to only keep a short period of time. I promised myself last year, that I would lose some weight, and in doing so, Jon and I would concieve. I could have in no way prepared myself for the path that was laid before me this past year.

The many doctor appointments, all the test, and ultimately being diagnosed with PCOS, and a unicornuate uterus. Things I would never wish upon my worst enemy, and sadness, that at sometimes seems so hard to over come, even months after the fact.

I want this year to be different, I want to make my own path of happiness, I want to find something else that provides some kind of joy in my life. Obviously, like any trying to conceive crazy lady, getting pregnant, and being a mother is something I will never stop wanting. But, for once, it would be nice to want something else.

So today, for my first day of many, I am grateful for a second chance, for new beginnigs, and for being lucky enough to find the reset button in life sometimes. I've left a lot of things behind for 2010, a year, a decade of things, memories, and heart ache.

I hope this lays the foundation for the nexy ten years of my life, for new goals, new dreams, and complete happiness.

This year I did make a few goals, and thankfully I started them before 2011 began..

1. Lose weight, I would ultimately love to lose 30 lbs.

2. Graduate.

3. Keep Promises to others, as well as myself.

I pretty much decided to keep this list simple... I have ADHD sometimes, and figured it would be best to humor my short attention span.

Well Bleeps, this is my journey, and hopefully before the end of my month, I have 31 different things to be grateful for, a new look for my blog, and looking forward to the rest of 2011.

Feel inspired, take moments to breath, and always find joy in the little things.