Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Numer 2

Today has been kind of hum, drum, day. I woke up this morning, with a terrible sore throat, and feeling very under the weather, I was also dreading the fact that I was believing today was the last day of my winter vacation, and was not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. I was surprised when I picked up my homework sheet, and noticed that I did not have to go back to school til Tuesday. YES! No, this is not what am going to write about, but it did make my day a whole lot better knowing I got one more day of rest.

However, I did want to write about how grateful I was for my husband, but since I consider that topic one of my greatest to be thankful for, I would give it more thought, and properly prepare for it.

For today's thought, I am very grateful for modern technology. This covers many areas of my life, especially today. For instance, the knowledge to have developed medicine that will not cure my body, but sure as heck make it feel a little better, and help ease my discomfort. The proper developement to have clean drinking water, or even the invention of electricity, and dare I say allow me to use my computer, or my ipod, or my life line(cell phone. Which reminds me, about a week or so ago, we had a terrible snow storm here in Utah. It was bad, it came down for hours, and within that short time, we probably got over a foot of snow. That same evening, at around three in morning, the power went out. In the few hours of it being out, I was reminded how much we truly depend on electricity to keep things going. Light in our house, warmth from the furnace, or even to keep the water warm so that I could take a bath.

So a toast to the one thing, that we will all be slaves to, forever and ever. But, in this one moment, I can be a little grateful that I don't have to live in the dark, or go with out my ipod or my cell phone(heaven forbid).

I would however like to point out at least one good thing that has come from the developement of technology, that would be any product that helps our planet, i.e. solar panels, windmills. We could all be a little more green!

Okay Bleeps, I am gonna go back to bed, maybe make some hot cider, and curl up and sleep a little. Enjoy your Sunday, and tomorrow is the first real day of the New Year!