Sunday, January 30, 2011

count your blessings

It is almost the end of January.. Have you made the start of your year, everything you wanted it to be? Did, you stick to working out, or organizing your life, home, time? Or did you manage to let those things fall by the way-side, once again? I can say, thus far, I managed to slip a little on one of my goals, working out is hard business.. But I am proud of myself, that I managed to get on my blog, almost everyday and type words together, and made some sort of interest of myself.

At the beginning of this month we were looking up, Jon was going to be taking the boarder patrol exam, and I was going to school. We had a plan for things, even if we were just getting by, or clipping coupons, we had a plan. Til, Jon came home early one night from work, and announced he had been fired. It all kind of came crashing in at once. We took it in stride, and started looking for more work. January, has been kind of a stinker of a month, and I know it hasn't been just for our family. It seems as though, the beginning of this year, is turning into something that weighs heavy on the hearts of everyone. Lost jobs, hours, wages, dampers dreams that so many had. Instead of feeling rejuvenated, and eager to the year, looking forward with bright eyes, we are now forced to covers our faces, and shy away from change.

Don't let it be that way, don't allow yourself to feel like the world has turned on you. For once, look up. Even if the darkness is suffocating, and you feel that giving up is a better solution. You that there is an end, and a light there waiting for you. We have so much to be grateful for, even if the only thing we have in our pockets are a couple of peanuts, and some lint. Money isn't our happiness, unfortunately we need it, in order to purchase the things of necessity, or a place to live. But, happiness is an emotion, and last time I checked, Walmart doesn't put emotions on the shelf for purchase.

The Lord has instructed his people to count their blessings, to recognize the small things in our life, that bring us the most joy. Once a week I sit around the kitchen table with my best friends, and their husbands, and we spend hours laughing, and enjoying each others company. Those moments, I truly feel my happiest.

So for today, I am grateful for everything... I am grateful for having trials in my life, even if I am so upset at that moment, and I can feel the stress start to wrap it's long skinny fingers around my neck. I get down on my knees and I ask the Lord to bring be comfort, and to bless me in my efforts. Don't be afraid to ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar, or for prayers that are truly needed. Find joy in journey, and strive to serve whenever you can.

I am grateful for unconditional love in my life, for dirty dishes in the sink from a meal well cooked, or from dirty footprints left by the friends who enter my home. For everything that allows me to feel alive, and reminds me that there are more important things then having the best of everything, or the shiniest toy on the playground. I love my life, and even if at the end of January, neither my husband nor I have a job, but we have enough to get by, pay our bills, and enough love to make all the dark days that much brighter.

It may be the end of January, and we are slowly making a dent into the new year, but you can still make those goals you set, better yet, you can set new goals, and remember you are never alone, for the Lord will always hear, and answer your prayers.


Senior Family

AWESOME post !! <3

ailinh harris

I love this post. It's such a simple, but yet so powerful reminder! It's always a great thing to remember each day especially when we humans are just so good at falling back into the cycle of self-pity, ya know? Thanks!