Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Blessing in Disguise

So this morning, at roughly 1 a.m. I was sitting down with my best friend J, Learning how to make a button for this here new blog, and I got a phone call from my husband. No worries, everyone is fine!

He asked where I was, and after replying with J, he informed me he had been fired from his job..Now, let me just tell you, I know that my husband was slightly relieved, especially since it was a terrible job.. He worked for the grocery store, WinCo throwing freight every night, and being worked to death. They expect so much out of them, for very little pay. It sucked when it came to jobs, but til something else could be found, it worked.

My dear husband was fired, due to "performance issues".. ironic that 5 other guys were written up for the same freakin thing! Little insight, the assistant manager doesn't know how to except responsibility, and likes to blame everyone else... so everyone else suffers. Needless to say, my husband was relieved, but there was still a little bit of lingering stress in the air today. Thankfully my best friend J, informed me the were hiring where she works, so my husband and I both applied, and have interviews for next Tuesday.

Cross your fingers that one of us can find a job quickly.

So for today, this is to blessings in disguise, for moments where you feel nothing but failure, and for bright people in your lives at the right moment. Thank you to J and her dear husband for watching out for us, and offer that little tip to the table. I cannot even tell you how appreciative we are!

To the future, to new beginnings, and to finally feeling free from something that confines and traps you. Moments like these are allowed to feel just a little bit of happiness.