Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cycle 3 done, now what?

So, we aren't pregnant. Once again it's back to the drawing board. But, this time it's different cause, we put the drawing board away... I raised my little white flag, and now we are sitting here facing the next few months thinking, "what do we do now?"

I was happy to find out that after we told the doctor we wanted to take a break, and we asked if, and when we were ready to come back and start trying again, if he would prescribe us more clomid. Of course by this point in the conversation, I was already crying, and wanting to crawl into a hole, so when he responded that he would be pleased to do whatever he could, we were thrilled.

It's kind of nice to know that we have people behind us supporting us during our infertility journey. It's hard to feel alone, and sometimes forgotten. When the rest of the world is still moving forward, and having babies, and expanding families, it's hard to sit on the side, and keep a smile on your face. I am just glad that I finally get to do something different for once, perhaps take up a yoga class, or painting. I don't know, at least something that I can have some fun with, and no babies are involved.

Don't get me wrong, I love babies, they are drawn to me, we were just sitting in TGIF, waiting for our table, and this little boy about 13 months old, was standing on the bench next to me. Since I am so short, he was eye level with me, and I think he rather enjoyed this. He leaned over as far as he could while his dad was trying to hang onto him, and tapped me on my shoulder to get my attention. I turned and he had this huge grin across his face. I loved it! It became a game, and he did it a couple of more time til his father pulled him away, cause I am a creepy stranger like that.

I know I won't be able to stop blogging, because I know I am going to have days where the women at the grocery store who is barely 18 and has 2 kids and is clearly pregnant again, will more than likely piss me off, and I will need a place to vent. Ugh, here is to hoping that in 6 months, I can lose some weight, learn some yoga, and have some much needed fun with my husband!!!


Aubrey Asay

I know how hard it is to have fertility issues. I feel for you. I also have PCOS and have taked 5 cycles so far. I've been doing some research about this herb called Vitex (chasteberry). It's to help regulate or bring back to balance a woman's cycle. It says for full potency to take it for 3-6 months. I have NEVER been regular which equals no ovulation and no baby. Heart breaking! I've started this method and with me I have noticed a difference. I started taking this 3 months ago and have had my cycle every month. But you can't use it with clomid cause they counter act each other.
I just wanted to give you another option (that has helped me so far). Since it's an herb and not a medication it doesn't work for everyone especially if you're already regular. But it might be worth looking into and getting information.
I wish you and your family my prayers and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!