Friday, October 8, 2010

This Nurse is an idiot

So, we went to our appointment, as scheduled.. We were ten minutes early, and anxious to get it done and over with. We waited for nearly 15 mins, the nurses are in charge of checking to see if they have any charts, and this stupid nurse failed to check. People who came in after us, to see the other doctor, were walked back into their rooms within 5 mins of getting there... HELLO??

We finally get back there, and she ask us what we were there to see the doctor for? Well obviously to follow up on the clomid, and to talk about the appointment, we had with the "specialist". She gave us this deer in the head lights look, and asked again, so you want to talk to the doctor about the appointment?.... Um.... Yes...

I then explained that we are intending to post pone any more cycles of clomid, and go on a break. She typed a few more sentences on the screen.. Then replied, and asked why we wanted to take a break? Is that really any of you business? I then shared that we wanted to live stress free for the next few months, not tracking anything, or planning when to make love. We wanted to just do something with our selves over the next little while...

She stood up, and with a half hearted smile on, said "Well I guess you don't need an exam today if you aren't going to do another cycle, but lets get a urine test to make sure" No, I don't think you understand, it's a little to early to test in my cycle. This shut her up, and she then proceeded to tell me then doctor would make the decision.. But she returned only to say the doctor said I didn't need to test!

Ha, stupid nurse... I hate this nurse, we get her seriously almost every time we go in, and she is just dumber than a door nail. Ugh, lucky the nurse our Doctor brings into the room with him, is awesome, and witty, so it makes up for the crappy service we receive before they enter the room.

We are still in limbo, and waiting for the last of this cycle to finish up, and we can finally begin to think about different things. Instead of a baby, I will be thinking about which apartment is better, or I will be thinking about what I want to do when I am finished with school next May... Oh the choices to make.

Hope you are as excited as I am, I know that making the decision to keep my blog going is a hard one, and I have not yet decided on this.. I guess if I keep it going, I need to do a blog make over, and make it look a little more awesome!