Wednesday, September 15, 2010

thank you for hearing me

That's all I can manage to think, and or say, when those in my life, don't know what to say when I talk about my infertility. I've realized that sometimes I can make people uncomfortable, and that sometimes I can be a little insensitive to those I inter act with on a daily bases, and sometimes, there are people who just don't really know how to take me.

Take me this way, take me though I'm broken, take me though I'm often sad, and force a small across my face. Take me, because I am me. I am not fancy, and I don't shine. But, I still can love. I may be broken, but I am still whole, I am not an old sweater you've forgotten about that is hiding in the back of your closet. I'm standing here, on my soap box, in the middle of a crowd, but no one seems to see me.

I have feelings, I hurt, and I am human. I want to reach out to you, I want to lift you up, but is it to hard for once to just hold out your hand, and offer me a lift?

I'm not along in my battle, there are thousands of women, living with infertility, just like me. I bet you know one, I bet there is someone close to you, whom you have no idea they are just trying to live, and make it day to day..

Take a step outside yourself, look at life, look at the things happening around you, don't go through the motions, don't just get by, LIVE!

Be more kind, smile more, love more freely. Open your eyes to service, open your heart for opportunity.

I am learning, everyday to live more harmoniously with my infertility. I am not sweeping it under the rug, I would shout it from the roof top! That my infertility, and others infertility, it's not going away, we need help, support, love. We need to be heard.

I know one day I will be a mother one way or another. I have faith in this promise.