Monday, September 20, 2010

Chapter 2 of HSG test...

Wow, that's all I can say.. I was talking to my friend earlier this evening, and I expressed to her, that knowing more about my fertility was like a breath of fresh air, after holding my lungs for so long.

We had our follow-up appointment today, I was way anxious to hear what the doctor had to say about everything, and nervous that they were going to tell me more than I wanted to hear.

But, he came into the room, and started asking how it went. I shared with him, that the pain was terrible, they should do more to offer comfort to their patients, and that the doctor who performed the test was an out right jerk! He was actually glad to hear my feed back, and informed me that in the future he would offer pain medication to patients who would be undertaking the procedure, that way they wouldn't have as much discomfort as I did.

He then proceeded to ask me if they had told me anything about how the procedure went. I then shared with him that they had only told me I had a unicornuate uterus, and one attached fallopian tube. He then asked the nurse to google a term that was in the report, and I proceeded to share all of the information that I had researched. He had this look of shock on his face, that I had done so much research. He then, told me, everything I knew, was what he knew. My fallopian tube can catch eggs, it's very possible for it to still do so. He also told me that many women get pregnant with one fallopian tube all the time. The only thing that came into question was the size of my uterus.

We meet with our fertility specialist on Thursday, who has more experience with things like this, and he will be able to tell us if my uterus is a factor. I know we would most likely be high risk, and that I would not carry to full-term. But as long as we are able to have babies and they can get to us healthy, and strong. I will take them no matter what.

Our regular doctor was pleased with the results, and glad that I was feeling so positive about things. He shared that we would keep doing whatever was necessary in order to help us accomplish a pregnancy, we just want the feed back from the other doctor, with the go ahead to keep doing what we are doing.

I am eager for the next step, I am so excited. I know it sounds weird, but I have so much comfort in my life right now. If we don't get pregnant after this round of clomid, that's fine, we will still be taking a break, and we will do things. I will lose the weight, make love with my husband without thinking about tilting my hips, or counting days. We will take adventures, make some memories, and just love being with each other.. Lol Jon doesn't read this blog, and I think he might be a little embarrassed if he knew I told they world we were going to make love. But I don't care, I love this guy. We are gonna make beautiful babies together. Eventually.

Thank you everyone for all of the support you have been giving us, and keeping us in your prayers. We wouldn't have made it this far without the support of everyone around us cheering us on.



Yay!!! I KNEW you'd feel relieved after finally figuring out what is wrong. I know I did. Congrats!!! I'm sure everything will work out for you two. :)