Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm paying you for what?

So, Jon and I got the "wonderful" opportunity to meet with yet another doctor today. Although this one was slightly different then the others, it wasn't any less eventful.. Seriously it was the worst hour I have ever wasted at a doctors appointment, period. Well next to the terrible HSG procedure.

The only pain I was in today was trying to decided whether or not to stab my eyeballs out. We were 15 minds early. But the doctor didn't even come get us til 10 mins after our appointment was suppose to start, so we spent almost a half hour in the waiting room.

We get back to his office, give him the run down of things, like Jon's seamen analysis, and my hsg and the clomid results, and yada, yada, yada.. The doctor then turns around picks up a book, and starts looking through it. The fertility "specialist", had never even heard of a unicornuate uterus before, and even tried correcting me when I said it.. *rolls eyes*

He then proceeds to tell us, that his partner would have a better idea for what we would be able to do from this point. IVF, surrogacy, or adoption.. Oh and then the best part, he tells us that because he referred us, we can get the consultation from this other doctor for a discounted price.. So an over the phone consultation, with the "real" doctor in California, is only going to cost us a meer $225...

Look, why can't you just tell me, "Yeah, you can totally carry a baby in that small uterus of yours". That's all I want to hear. Better yet, because I did the research I know that other women with my condition, can and do have healthy babies. I know I have risk, and I get that.. But seriously, I don't need a phone consultaion from a doctor, who I don't even get to see, to tell me what I should and or shouldn't do.

If in the end we get pregnant, and we are only able to have one child, then fine. I will love the crap out of that baby!!!

It wasn't any help. Needless to say we are very frustrated, and at this point are just so stinkin' tired of doctors visits. We will be taking a break after this cycle, and now we just need to find another doctor who is willing to give me drugs to help with ovulating..