Friday, July 2, 2010

Lost Labs, and Sterile cups..

So It's been only a few days, but it's been kinda hectic the past little while. Jon and I went down to the Lab in Provo Yesterday so we could get a sterile cup from them.. Plus it came with a whole bunch of other instructions including keeping it in the biohazard bag, getting it to them within 30 mins, and keeping it body tempeture. That meant the whole drive back to Provo this morning, I was keepin' Jon's boys (as he kept callin' them) warm. In fact, Jon kept shouting "Hang in their boys"!

We got there in time, then the receptionist informed us we still needed to check in and sit, just like all the other patients.. I know I'm not special or anything, but really? You want be to just sit here.. with my husbands "stuff" you guys were the ones who stressed about how quickly we get it back to you, and now, you want me to wait? Great...

Then to top it off, we had forgotten the prescription at home, in our rush, the prescription was the last thing on my mind.. But, thankfully we were able to fax the prescription to them.

On another note, I called the Doctors office wanting to know the results of my test.. You know the one that left a huge bruise on my hand, cause the failed to get it from my arm.. Yeah, that one.

So I called the doctors office, and after talking to two different people, the couldn't find where my labs had gone to.. Well after an hour or so, I finally got a call back.. The nurse politely, but matter of factly told me I was not pregnant.. I lost it. I cried in the car ride on the way home, and I laid in bed for about a half hour.. crying.. then I took a shower.. and cried. I was bummed to say the least.

So starting tomorrow, I start my Clomid. I don't really feel overly confident about this. I am getting to a point where I just want to throw away all of my TTC crap, and never think about having kids again.

I think I need a pick-me-up. I need something to give me new energy, new hope. I need something to help me keep going. I just don't know what that is yet.