Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm so addicted!

So ever since we were diagnosed with PCOS and finding out that the possibility of having children naturally, or on our own was going to be near impossible.. I have become addicted to everything infertility... I might be a little excessive. I spend hours on the Internet finding support groups, awesome websites that share a ton of information on everything from dealing with negative pregnancy test each month, to dealing with people who have no idea how to approach infertile people such as myself.

Ironic that there is a ton of information on what to NOT say to infertile people, but the only people who read it, are the ones dealing with infertility?

I find myself keeping myself in check as I spend the day attempting to find anyone that will listen to me how important this topic is, and we HAVE to talk about it. I have been successful in some of my en devours. I will be fortune enough, time and time again, to find another young lady, such as myself who is going through the exact same thing. I have felt such a reward as these ladies explain to me the pain that they too have been going through, and what a relief it finally is to be able to find someone who understands the pain. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't wish this hurt upon anyone, but the joy that comes from being able to offer support is unremarkable. I love every single woman that graces me with her presence, and allows me into a small fraction of her personal life, to finally share some of her grief.

I think it's something that needs to be done, if you don't share this pain, it will only get worst. I cannot tell you for how long I kept it inside, hoping that in time it would solve it's self. Or just go away.. Of course neither of those things happen, and only a few short months later, here I am writing a blog about my infertility journey. I hope one day that as I continue to document my steps, that the procedures will work, the medications, the test will go well, and that one day I will be able to get on here and type with tears in my eyes, 'that we are finally pregnant!'

I don't know how long this journey will be, I can only tell you that I truly hope it is worth it, and that I find enough strength to carry me through.