Friday, April 13, 2012

temple blessings

*WARNING* This is a post dedicated to my religion- the LDS faith. Here within are personal views, pictures, and other personally important items regarding the LDS church. If you do not agree with and or appose these beliefs I would ask that you not read it, and would also ask that any negative comments be kept to your self. Thank you.

I recently had a reader bring to my attention that they knew little of the mormon faith, and that more information would be appreciated.. I guess that was bad on my part to assume that the moajority of my readers were either LDS or at least familar with the LDS faith.. So, for those of you who are interested, here is my post on my faith, Mormonism.

I was born in 1987, (don't worry this will probably be a long post, but I will try to make it as interesting as possible..) As I was saying, 1987. My parents had been married over 7 years at this point and had already given birth to 4 children, although only 2 were living. My mother was raised Catholic, and my father was raised LDS. My mother would tell me years later, when she and my father married that she had told him in the beginning she refused to convert to the Mormon church.. less than 6 years after marrying him she would be baptized into the faith, and a year later they would go through the San Diego Temple..

My mother later discribed her experience to me, sharing that she was convinced she had joined a cult.. Alright, probably not the best statement to share. Since a lot of people already believe we are in fact a cult.. But, it's the truth. Not the cult part, but how my mother felt. It was more of confusion, and not that she was scared. But, as the years have passed and my mother has been able to return to the temple, these feelings have become that of faith, and love.
The purpose of the temple, is to seal on earth as in heaven. Marriages take place here, baptism for the dead takes place here, and those entering the temple can enter after being proved worthy, to receive their endowments so that they may obtain the blessings and promises set forth by the Lord so that we may return to heaven.

Although, returning to live in the precense of our Savior is not restricted to attending the temple.. It insures you receive those blessing you have been promised.

The purpose of the temple is for us to go and be close to the Lord. Our own little heaven on earth. We go to make and keep sacred covenants, and to receive powerful blessings. It is the one place I can go and feel complete peace, and feel even closer to the Lord, that perhaps he might hear my prayers better.. Although that last statement is just a personal feeling, the Lord can hear your prayers regardless of where you are. The temple plays an essential role in our lives, in God's plan and in our eternal happiness.

Almost 3 years ago, I attended the temple with my husband. With our close family and friends, we entered into the sealing room. We knelt across the altar, and took one anothers hand. We were then sealed for time and eternity.



Now, if we were normal people.. lol, if my body would do normal things. If we were to have our own biological children, our children would be born under the covenant. Meaning they would already be fortunate enough to receive some of the blessing of the temple, because they were already part of an eternal family. However, Izze is not our biological child, but that doesn't matter. Because in a few short months we will go back to the temple.. We will kneel across the altar from one another, and take each others hand once more, and then Izze will be placed on the altar next to us. We will then be sealed as an eternal family. What is bound on earth is also in heaven.

This is truly such an amazing experience. The temple blessings are real, and I can testify of the love I feel every time I enter. Either for myself, or to do the work for those that are deceased. It is an amazing place. I would implore that anyone who has never been to find a temple open house near you, and walk through before the temple is dedicated. It is not a secret what takes place in the temple.. but because what takes place is sacred..

If you wish to learn more about the LDS church you can do so HERE.



Thank you for posting. I grew up in the Baptist Church and am now Methodist. I have always believed that as long as Jesus is in your heart, and you believe that He died for your sins is the most important truth. I think we all find our own ways to love and worship through our different religions. Thank you for posting this for me. I love the sealing aspect of your religion. =)