Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! you're not gonna believe it!!! I got my precious laptop up and running again.. for the second time.. I know, I know. I had issue with  the whole computer charger cord thingy, and thankfully that has all been resolved thanks to my in-laws. Love them!

On to other things.
*This part may be TMI, just sayin' you may wanna scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post. *

I finally decided to put on my big girl panties, and go in and have an annual done. Oh the joys of having your heels in stirrups, and a light shined at your crotch.. Thankfully this time, my best friend B recommended her nurse practitioner, Kellie, and I have to say. I really like having a female OB. I got a chance to sit down and talk with her before we decided to strip me naked. I got to express my concerns with my irregular cycles, and with my pcos, and potentially my thyroid. I had a whole list of concerns, and althought 8 weeks ago I was greatly considering using birth control to regulate my cycle. As of Monday this week, I had convinced myself to not do the birth control. We also talked about my diet, and losing weight, and managing my health issues to improve my chances of conception.

Then came the part, where she walked me to a room, pointed to the little paper cover, "put that on", and the paper sheet, "put that over your lap". Can I just tell you, I've never had an issue strippin' down to my bare bottom. But, really, being alone, in a new doctors office, stripping butt naked, and wrapping some thin paper around you, and then having to sit for 15 mins waiting for someone to come back in. Not, my idea of a fun morning. I will tell you however, the exam table I was sitting on, heated baby. I didn't notice it till I laid on my back, and thought to myself, wow my butt warmed this puppy up big time. Even though I spoke this thought out aloud, Kellie didn't even bat an eye, and shared that the table was heated for the comfort of the patients. THANK YOU!! Obviously a woman thought of this little feature.

Well, 5 quick mins later, I was told, I had no cyst or polyps in my uterus, and it was once again confirmed I have a tilted uterus. Then I was instructed to start taking prenatal vitamins.(free samples? Well don't mind if I do!) Then it was across the hall, to the lab to draw 5 viles of blood-UGH!- Where it took the sweet little gal about 5 mins to find a good vain, but man she popped those bad boys out fast. The next thing I knew, there was a 5 viles starring up at me from the equipment table. Thankfully I didn't faint, and my arm didn't hurt one bit.. It's moments like this, where I say to myself, why aren't there lollipops in the OBGYN's office?! I'm a big girl *refer to beginning of blog* I wore my big girl panties and everything! I treated myself to some granny smith apples. yum.

Now we wait. It's been over a year since we have actively have done anything about my infertility. I know that chances for me conceiving are still slim. I know that the forces of negative infertility are fighting us every step of the way. But, I am okay with that. I have excepted my infertility, and regardless of the fact that currently I cannot bare any children, or well at least I have yet to do so. It doesn't define me. I will be a mom.

I am excited for this new adventure, to be healthy, to finally get my body balanced, and to lose weight. It's time for a change, and to be happy.



They have the best phlebotomist at that office! I have had my blood drawn there like a thousand times, and I don't think I've ever once bruised or felt more than a prick of pain. That lady is good. The doctors/nurse practitioner are awesome too. Kellie assisted in my c-section. :) Good luck with everything!

Our Happy Family

Hey! I had a dr. appointment pretty much like that on monday! New doctor (however not a girl), having to strip down, talking about hormone fixers, etc. crazy memories!!! haha, But hey... heres some hope, The doctors told Chris and I that we wouldn't be able to even GET pregnant and now we have a one year old... :) You never know what can happen!

Infertile Mormon Mommy

I am glad you liked her so much! I hope she can help you with your goals! I think she is amazing! :)

Jaron and Kellie Holt Family

You can totally do it!!! You're right about the lollipops btw. But seriously, it can't be impossible to become pregnant right? Sure there are slim chances, but I doubt that it's impossible. The world is filled with so many doctor's and people who have done their research to help you, you know? I think it's possible you just have to know what to do next. Honestly you're the only one that can do that. I want you to know that we think you guys are great parents and great people. Jaron and I hope and pray the best for you guys constantly. If you need anything, anything at all just call us or whatever. We are willing to do anything for you because you have done so much for us with Abby. :D
Thank you!