Monday, April 4, 2011

into the 'spring' of things!

Oh man, even though it snowed like crazy yesterday, we still managed to have a nice enough day that I went outside and pulled a few weeds. It felt great! I have been so motivated lately to get things done around my house. I have litterally crafted myself out of crafts... I am now looking for new projects. So, if you have any suggestions, please tell me.. I am dying. I want to make SOMETHING!!!

Now onto the photo, I know what you came for... My powerful charisma right? At least I hope.

The photo today is that of a little peek of a craft I made. I can't show it all the way yet, since it is a gift for someone... BUUUUTT... next week, I will post a photo of the whole thing... unless said person doesn't like the gift... then I will be featuring a garbage can. Although, it would be terribly rude of said person, to hate said gift. At least in front of my face.

I hope she likes it... Happy Monday, here is my kick off to a great week!



Oh my! I just love the suspense you are building here...secrets, partial pictures, hints, etc! You sure know how to keep a gal on her toes! I am getting addicted to your blog! :-0


Oh the said person so LOVES the gift you are too sweet I cant believe you made those I will post picts soon of Miss Briley in them!!! Thanks Aunt Sarah you rock!