Tuesday, April 5, 2011

about fregin' time!

SWo, for those small few of you have been to my house... you have probably noticed the big red magnet board that has been sitting on the floor next to my bathroom for almost two. whole. years...Yes, I am proud to say, it is finally hanging up on my newly painted walls. I have a before picture.. But, it's on my lap top, which is currently out of comminsion, due to the fact that the power cord is no longer charging my laptop.. sigh.

Not only is it up, and lookin' awesome, but I wanted to take the moment to brag about my awesome DI find. The picture frames that would a hidious gold when I purchased them. I sprayed them gray, and hung them with the letter of our last name. Oh and to explain the '9'... I wanted a random number to hang on the wall, but if we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel for a reason.. We did get married in '09.

Yeah... I think we will just stick with the random number factor. It looks great. I have been so busy crafting and doing a few things around my house. I am started to feel like a little home maker.

Awww... isn't dat tute? Yeah, so on to Wednesday, I have a new little girl that I will be tending and I cannot wait!



I totally love your wall. How creative. I wish I had just ONE drop of creativity....sigh. Oh well. Good thing there are people like you to help people like me.