Tuesday, March 8, 2011

side note

So... Yeah... I have been absent. Don't judge me. I have big news.... I got a job. Yes, not just any job... I got hired at Hobby Lobby... Now before you start doing cartwheels and getting jealous... Stop. It has been awful.. They haven't even opened the store yet so they are busy trying to stock everything and get it all ready.. Needless to say, in 3 days I have gotten hardly any sleep, and worked nearly 30 hours. Now, to top that off... I am running a low grade fever, and feeling a little over whelmed. So, if I happen to say something in the next few post that don't quite make sense... I am delirious and this cannot be held against me.

I will however let you know, I have been busy crafting, and getting ready for my March creative month post.. I know, I am a little slow on the starting. So stay tuned and I will post in the next few hours!!!



Yay for the job.. sad on the crapy work stuff and fever.. though I do want a job there.. that would be AWESOME!


So happy you have a job, sorry it's crazy. I too will be happy when the training period is over and we can both be comfy in our job duties. I am loving the crafting! Hope you get feeling better sure to take care of yourself (or better yet have Jon take care of you)!