Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I found this awesome wreath on this blog I stalk.. I decided, I wanted to make it. I found this wreath HERE! But, I am gonna give ya my own tutorial, so you can just stay tuned to my blog.

wreath of any size.. I choose 16 inches
hot glue gun
burlap, about two yards
different kinds of fabric. I choose about 4 different kinds, if you want more that’s fine too.
Buttons, or any other kind of brads, or tacks to place in the center of your circles
small clothes pins

cut out circles from the burlap, and fabric that you have picked out.. Size doesn’t matter, and they don’t have to be perfect. That is what is so great about this project, you don’t have to be professional.

After cutting out about 100 or so circles from various materials... Ugh.. This is the time consuming part.. But if you fold your fabric right.. You can get about 4 circles at once. Put the circles off to the side, and get the rest of your burlap out. No worries this wasn't even half of the amount of circles I cut out..

You take your burlap, cute it about 4 inches wide, and the length of the burlap it’s self.. I ended up using about 4 strips to wrap the entire wreath. Obviously every’s wrapping technique is different, and it also depends on what size of wreath you get.

Wreath wrapped and lookin' so good!

Now start placing the circles on your wreath. Over lapping, and pushing sides up are a bonus. I waited til I was done putting on all the circles, til I glued on the buttons.

Almost finished. After this I glued the twine onto the back of the wreath to give a clothes line effect. Then I printed out the word 'welcome' and hung it up like clothing. I love it!

It looks great on my door! I am so glad, I finally got something put on my door!