Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's about LOVE

So, I was surfing the web, get my blog-stalk on. I just recently started following this blog. Unfortunately before I could even get addicted, she posted a blog stating she was ending her blog.. I am kind of sad. But seriously if you want a good life, and a brief idea of how SOME Mormon women act, you should read her blog. You should know however, it is completely made up, and it's just a mock-blog, more or less.

Well, why I was browsing her blog, I noticed a few buttons. Family looking to adopt. I know I already was showing support for one gal-pal looking to adopt, but I thought, why not set up a page, and allow anyone who is looking to adopt the chance to have their button up. So, if you, or someone you know is looking to adopt, and they have a button, send them to my page, tell them to drop me a line, and I will get your button up.

I think it would be awesome to perhaps highlight an adopting couple every now and then, and want to really help get the word out.

I know one day, that my husband will be that couple, the oh-so cute blog, with our story, and our button. So, I figured if I want the love shared for us, I would to share the lovin' for everyone else!